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The exterior of your home is continually exposed to the harshest environmental conditions. In a hot, damp climate like we have in Orlando, Florida it is especially important to protect your home by using the proper paints and other materials to keep destructive environmental influences outside where they belong. Orlando Home Painters provides the exterior painting service for residential homes that will do just that!

Your home’s outside appearance also speaks volumes about you and your family. This is the important first impression that visitors have when they pull up to the curb in front of your house or park in your driveway. If you ever pulled up to a home with flaking, chipped, peeling, and faded paint in a neighborhood where most of the homes were clean and neat, what was your first impression?

Preparation is the Key to Great Residential Exterior Painting

Orlando Home Painters specialize in providing their customers with exceptionally fine exterior paint jobs. The highest quality results depend heavily on effective preparation before the actual paint coats are applied.

Our experienced home painters specializing in residential painting jobs, thoroughly prepare every surface area to be painted. They also completely mask and cover any areas that will NOT be painted. Proper preparation of a residence can account for 50% or more of the entire exterior painting project’s time. This is a large part of the exterior residential painting services we provide.

Here are many of the exterior home areas that we paint for Orlando homeowners:

  • All exterior stucco, wood, brick, or aluminum siding
  • Entry doors and door trims
  • Wooden & vinyl garage doors, fascia, and eaves
  • All wooden shutters if required
  • Patio decks and coverings (paint or stain)
  • Concrete and masonry walls
  • Wooden fences and outbuildings

If necessary, we can also provide pressure washing and cleaning as part of the exterior painting preparation process. This removes dirt and mildew from exterior surfaces and also does away with loose paint and stains. No other Orlando home painter is as attentive to the preparation process as we are.

Our Exterior Home Painting Service Offers Numerous Options

Painting is just one of many available options that might be best suited to your project. Paint is generally recommended and selected for repainting any surface that was previously painted. We generally recommend paint when the owner wants an opaque color applied on a smooth, non-absorbent surface. There are, of course, many high-quality exterior paints available. We generally recommend a high-quality 100% acrylic paint despite the fact that the older oil-based paints are also still available. Our house painting service can include poignant recommendations but we will begin one job without your tacit & official approval.

Many paints are available in a variety of different sheens. However, flat and satin are most commonly used for home exteriors. Flat is ideal for larger surface areas, since it will effectively hide minor imperfections. Satin, however, is generally chosen for trims to deliver some extra accent. While satin is a little more weather resistant, most homeowners prefer a flat paint to avoid ending up with a shiny house.

Orlando Home Painters offer consultation with a trained estimator who can help you decide which products are best suited to the exterior of your home and will also work with you to fabricate an affordable cost and to schedule this project according to your convenience and your own schedule.

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