Indoor Painting Services By Orlando Home Painters

Orlando Home Painters has been in painting business for over 25 years.  We offer indoor painting service, exterior painting service and consider ourselves one of the top interior house painters in Orlando.

Indoor or interior painting can be more challenging than exterior work.  It is very important that you do you research and evaluate as many painters in Orlando Florida as possible.  If you are living in the home that needs to be painted be sure you have constant communication with your contractor.

At Orlando Home Painters we walk your indoor painting project very thoroughly and make sure that we produce the best quality interior painting job and try to meet and excel your expectations as to the type of workmanship you should receive. We tap and plastic all flooring and cover all furniture.  We vacuum near and around all baseboards for extra carpet hair. We repair and lightly sand any damage to dry walls or ceilings.

Apply orange peel texture to match and spot prime areas needed. We like to use and eggshell type paint that is washable and low odor on your walls and a high quality semi -gloss on all your doors, jams, crown molding, trim, rails, base boards.

Doing interior house painting when you and your family are living in the home can be a very strategic process that takes a lot of communication and patience to complete you painting project. If you hire interior house painters, be sure that you have no communication barriers or personality projects to limit mistakes.

Orlando Home Painters is one of the premier indoor painting companies, offering painting services across Orlando, Florida and has excellent communication skills with their clients to ensure your comfort level is secured from start to finish.

Please feel free to call Orlando Home Painters at 407-766-9091 or email us at for all your indoor painting services.

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