House Painting Services In Orlando, Florida

Thank you for visiting us – Orlando Home Painters Inc. We are considered to be one of the top 10 house painters in Orlando. Our main goal here at Orlando Home Painters Inc. is what you should expect:

  • You should receive a friendly response when you call for our house painting services
  • You should receive a follow up if needed after house painting in Orlando
  • You should receive a prompt email reply if needed
  • All your questions related to house painting should be answered and explained thoroughly
  • You should be educated as much as possible during the process prior to receiving your quote.
  • You should receive just like any house painting Orlando area service a proof of insurance, work comp and general liability.
  • You should never accept a certificate only from any house painting Florida company.
  • You should always call house painting Orlando insurance agents and have them provide you with a certificate of insurance because insurance for companies are similar to that of your vehicle.
  • Just because there is a paper document just like you would for your vehicle does not mean it is effective.
  • To reiterate this you should always contact the insurance agents office directly when dealing with Orlando Home Painters in Orlando or any other qualified painters in Orlando to ensure insurance is effective during the time frame your job is being worked on.
  • An insurance certificate alone does not qualify any of the top 10 painters in Orlando.
  • You should accept a detailed bid with every single step that will be done during your residential or commercial painting project or projects.
  • If you receive bids that are not detailed from House painting companies in Florida, it would raise question to the accuracy of the bid, quality of work, price, lasting of the paint job, top of the line materials.
  • You should expect to never be asked for any money down or any drawl system from any Orlando painter.
  • Any Orlando house painting service similar to Orlando Home Painters should have no problem painting your home or business successfully and perfectly to completion, and then receiving payment at the end of the job once you are 100% satisfied.

Please feel free to call Orlando Home Painters at 407-766-9091 or email us at for all your interior and exterior residential painting services.

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