Painting Contractors in Orlando

Being part of the Painting Contactor Orlando network we try to hire the best professional help that we can. We put them through background checks and testing to assure their knowledge of working as Painting Contractor Orlando and familiar with the Florida environment and atmosphere.  It is very important that everyone within a company should be familiar with certain situations such as water intrusion, or putting on the wrong primers.  We here at Orlando Home Painters do our best to test any new hired employee’s to ensure customer satisfaction.

Being an Orlando’s leading painting contractor and renowned painting company it is important for all team members to understand, climate, atmosphere, surface preparation and what it takes to provide the longest lasting paint job in the industry.  At Orlando Home Painters we strive to make sure we use the best painting methods. Sometimes these methods are more costly but it is to ensure the customers longevity paint job.

The bottom line is Orlando Home Painters in Orlando is solely and strictly focused on the interest of the consumer and not just giving you a cheap price to get your business.  We would rather not do work if it cannot be done right, because no one is ever happy with a cheaper painting process.

As Top Orlando Painting Contractors We Prefer Quality Not Cheap Price

We have found that 85-90% of our clientele prefers to have a better quality job and prefers to pay more money to get that better quality job.

All the years Orlando Home Painters has been an Orlando based Painting Contractor and we have found that there is a very high percentage of people who will willingly pay for our quality work over other Orlando Painting Contractors. We actually find that 3-5 home painting projects per week that we acquire their services for have actual established with us that they are spending more money out of their budget due to the services and warranties we offer.

Please feel free to call Orlando Home Painters at 407-766-9091 or email us at for all your interior and exterior residential painting services.

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